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OC - Cahira Allessandra :iconqueen-of-zion:Queen-Of-Zion 0 1 Isabella Marie :iconqueen-of-zion:Queen-Of-Zion 1 1 My thoughts... :iconqueen-of-zion:Queen-Of-Zion 0 0 Semi-open species - Iorian elves :iconqueen-of-zion:Queen-Of-Zion 1 7 Falentines - Fan o' Foxfans :iconqueen-of-zion:Queen-Of-Zion 10 12 Ripped wrist :iconqueen-of-zion:Queen-Of-Zion 0 3 Dragon tiles :iconqueen-of-zion:Queen-Of-Zion 2 2 Frost Fennec Himimi :iconqueen-of-zion:Queen-Of-Zion 2 3
Character Bio - Nessa Tamsyn Rowe (Angel)
Bio for this character:
Name: Nessa Tamsyn Rowe.
Nickname: Angel.
Meaning of name: Nessa – pure, Tamsyn – twin.
Origin of name: Nessa – Greek, Tamsyn – Cornish version of Tamsin.
Age: 16.
Sex: Female.
Nationality: British (Cornish).
Ethnicity: White British.
Sexual Orientation: Straight.
Police/Criminal/Legal record: None.
Birth date: 4th May 2001.
Birth place: Tresco Island.
Current residence: Large house in Mousehole, Penzance.
Occupation: Full time education.
Title/Rank: Miss.
Hobbies/Pastimes: Reading, climbing, hiking.
Talents/Skills: Karate, surfing.
Past History
Hometown: Mousehole, Penzance.
First Memory: Learning to surf.
Most important childhood event that still affects him/her: Getting first belt in karate.
Why/How? Showed her that anything is possible.
Other memories/events that still affects him/her and why/how: First learning to read – opened a whole new world.
Past failures s/he would be embarrassed to have people
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Valentine's headshot request - Foxtail :iconqueen-of-zion:Queen-Of-Zion 4 2 Secret Valentine - Queen of Hearts :iconqueen-of-zion:Queen-Of-Zion 2 0
Chapter 1: Birth of Powers
Alanie was 2 when her power first showed. She tripped, falling over the 10-foot drop down to a beach, but instead of falling to the ground and injuring herself, wings sprouted from the toddler's shoulders, and she flew away from the drop without harm. There had been an increase in super-powers turning up, with about 2 in 50 young children showing some kind of super-power or talent. As Alanie grew older, she kept her power of flight secret, knowing that the powered had a tendency to disappear once their power was revealed. They were also viewed as dangerous and strange, with 'normal' people avoiding them.
It wasn't just that, though. Alanie was scared. Scared of revealing her true self to the world. She had tried for her entire life to seem normal to other people. She was careful to stay on the sidelines, and not seem particularly talented in anything.
(Alanie's diary)
"I'm sad today, you know... I point-blank refused to go on the school climbing trip. Too much could go wrong. It's hard
:iconqueen-of-zion:Queen-Of-Zion 0 0
Chapter 1: Falling to Earth
Falling to earth. It's the best thing ever. I mean, SERIOUSLY? One minute, you're nice and cozy up in heaven, the next - Crash. Congratulations, you've reached earth. And it's raining. Great beginning - you know! Ah well, bright side, I get to become a teenage boy and try and earn my way back up to heaven. Oh yeah, but I have to go to SCHOOL. But wait! There are always girls... Might be fun.
So, what did I just become? Ok, a human boy. Right. So, I'm 16, and I have to go to school!? Great.
Wait. Are you kidding me? This says my surname is angel. Griffin Angel. This is not funny.
Well, I guess I deserve this. I really messed up my assignment, and I expect the big boss is pretty mad at me. The thing is, I was supposed to be saving this one kid from a car crash, but I saved two. They were best friends! I couldn't just leave them both to die, could I? Anyway, I got in massive trouble for this, and so I got kicked out of heaven, and I have to stay on earth until I earn my way back
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Altair and WingHummer - entry for AltairSky :iconqueen-of-zion:Queen-Of-Zion 2 9 Request Andrea for Blue-sky-girl :iconqueen-of-zion:Queen-Of-Zion 5 4 Talen for Ruanly :iconqueen-of-zion:Queen-Of-Zion 3 1

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Rose Milk Tea - Sweets Spirit Auction (CLOSED) :iconkoneko-tsundere:Koneko-Tsundere 32 33 Adopt Batch 3/4 [OPEN] :iconvynyll:vynyll 65 15 Nightingale OTA [CLOSED] :iconvynyll:vynyll 50 18 Free Adopt Raffle!!!!! CLOSED! :iconstelaree:Stelaree 24 38 --- :iconinstockee:INstockee 845 0 Cookies N' Cream (Closed) :iconskittlezeon:Skittlezeon 14 12 To love the wolf :iconkurocyou:KuroCyou 288 15
Escape from the Compound.
The light from the windows of the Compound illuminated the neatly trimmed grass in crisscross patterns. It was the night of the new moon, and the surrounding forest seemed to be pitch black in comparison.
Elduin grabbed his sister's hand and ran. She was still too afraid to do anything on her own, so he led her. The raucous laughter from inside the Compound sent shivers down his spine, but he continued to run. He dove into the brush, pulling Elleria with him. Sharp branches scratched at him, but he was too full of adrenaline to notice.
His mind ran through scenarios as he sat there, barely daring to breathe out of fear that he would be found. Nobody had ever gotten this close to escaping the Compound before. And he knew what would happen to both of them if they were caught. He felt his heart break at those still in the stone walls of the abominable building, at the torment they would likely go through as a result of his escape. If he could, he would have taken all of them with him.
:icondaeslune:DaesLune 1 1
[AUCTION][CLOSED] Ziplush #2 :iconminikiwidessin:MiniKiwiDessin 25 17
Epic Art Feature Me vs DA Fight!
Epic Art Feature; Me vs. DA- FIGHT! ;)
I wanted to share my endless thank you for your support, your kindness and to share some of the amazing works I have come across lately on DA... It's taken me a whole month to build up the energy to try this mess again, lmao!
This time, the same thing happened but with my latest artwork... I went to edit it and dedicate it and it all... everything, all the words, stocks listed.... everything disappeared!!! Blaaa... so I have to start that over again. How are you all? How is live going for you? This is my latest work, a remix and reinterpretation, maybe a longer history of what may have happened to the classic story of Red Riding Hood years after...

I highly recommend listening to this song while enjoying this feature. Take my word for it... epic art with epic music! :heart:
And with out further ado, the stars of this feature!!!!
:iconpendragon-arts:Pendragon-Arts 56 123
1 Year Core Membership Raffle
As promised, I'm going to hold another raffle for my birthday in July where the prizes are Core Membership, money or points! :la: Of course I'm going to keep doing my monthly giveaways as well during these months! :love:
The first price is a 1 year Core Membership or if he/she/they/them/etc. rather have the money or points (50 USD/4000 points). 
The person who comes in 2nd will get a 3-month core membership or if he/she/they/them/etc. rather have the money or points (15 dollars/1200 points).
The person who comes in 3rd will get a 1-month core membership or if he/she/they/them/etc. rather have the money or points (5 dollars/400 points).
Anyone can join, whether you already have Core Membership or not :D (Big Grin)
Please observe, if the winners wants the money instead, he/she/they/them/etc. must have PayPal!
Because it was so much work to keep track of all the contestants (and mostly because of
:icondranira:Dranira 120 417
The winner has been chosen! The raffle is over!
I'm doing a raffle! The winner receives:
-1 Month Core
-1 fullbody by FloraFoxes 
-Shaded pixel headshot by DreampeIt 
-1 animated gif by me ( holidav )
-Custom by Mysti-crow 
You must:
-Favorite this journal
-Make a journal spreading awareness about this journal
-Comment showing you did these things, and tag 2 friends!
This gets you 1 ticket!
Tag more friends to earn more tickets!
Every 3 friends is 1 ticket!
You can get 3 tickets at the most! So you can tag 6 extra friends, 8 including the ones you must tag!
The winner will be chosen randomly. (Well it's a raffle so what did you expect lmao)
The winner will be chosen on March 20, 2017 at 12 am EST! 
Have fun! <3 Good luck!
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[CLOSED] Looking for designers/co-owners
:new:I've decided the four people I'd like to see in the final screening for this position!
They are:
Thank you everyone for the interest!!
As I progress with my art, I've noticed that I simply can't draw "cutesy" chibi animals anymore... which is a shame, because my first species Mercupi has this very anatomy. So I'm looking for PERMANENT designers or a co-owner of the species... it breaks my heart but I think someone has to take over for me for at least a while.
The species:
:iconmercupi-island: (a work in progress, but has much of the lore written in)

If you are chosen as a designer/co-owner, you will be allowed to make adopts, customs, and sell MYO slots. However, as the species creator I'
:iconkuro--cchi:kuro--cchi 3 34
[Digital Requests] CLOSED!
Thank you to everyone who requested!
I'll be starting on these shortly.
Please remember that if I end up not doing your request that it's nothing personal, and that I do ask that you not be too upset by it. I have very limited time to be able to do anything for free. I'm only doing what inspires me, so none of the requests may even be done. It really just depends on how i'm feeling.
I will be going through the comment section throughout the day and hiding those who either didn't read the original rules or those that don't interest me enough.
Again, it's nothing personal, please don't be offended if you find your comment hidden.
 I alone choose what I am willing to do whether it be a sketch, headshot, or full image. You MAY tell me what kind of environment your character lives in though!
Don't rush or harass me about your request. If I do it, I do it. If I don't, I don't. I'm only doing what inspires me. 
My art is NOT to be profited off of, espe
:iconarkhelios:Arkhelios 24 85
Luka-adoptable :iconmadness-m:madness-m 6 7 Adopt OPEN now set price :iconbifrostedrainbows:BifrostedRainbows 22 1


Hello, all you people! :D

I have a lot of characters that I don't use, so I thought I'd put them up here, and see who wants them.

Feel free to offer on anything - I'm happy to sell most things! However, there will be some things I don't want to let go.

My is reasonably organised, so it should be Ok :D

Offer - Points, Characters, Art, OCs, Adopts
Don't offer - Cash, your soul (I have enough souls already...)

Offer whatever you like, how much you like, etc.

If you want to know more about a character - original maker, original price, etc, just ask, and I'll find out if I can.

I'm happy to give guidelines for offers - just ask!
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Queen-Of-Zion has started a donation pool!
322 / 800
I'd love to get core - I wanna change my username!
Any donations would be appreciated!

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Bethany B-W
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United Kingdom
I listen to music while i draw by Tontora Universe Stamp by Kezzi-Rose Books Stamp by mylastel

Things I use:
Stamp - Tablet User by firstfear Stamp - Pencil+Paper User by firstfear

Stuff I love:
Harry Potter Stamp by Kezzi-Rose Winter Stamp by Kezzi-Rose Books Stamp by Kezzi-Rose
Watermelon Stamp by Kezzi-Rose Bunting Stamp by Kezzi-Rose Vintage Typewriter Stamp by Kezzi-Rose

You don't need to thank me for llamas - you're welcome! A llama back will make me very happy, though!

Free Pretty Black Watermark by PeppermentPanda


OC - Cahira Allessandra
I'm planning on doing one of these little mini bios for all my OCs - I think they're kinda sweet.

This is Lady Cahira Allessandra, from the House of Morea. She is a feisty young lady, and her main defensive skill is sword-play. I'll make her a bigger bio soon :D

Cahira by Queen-Of-Zion

This is the first image I ever made of her. Credit to rinmarugames for that one.
Isabella Marie
This is Isabella Marie Anderson. She's a new OC of mine :D
Stay tuned for a lot more on her!
I was just sketching, and she began to come to life, so I created a mini bio for her.
My thoughts...
So, I was sitting on my bed thinking, and sketching everything I thought about on my hand.
Here's the breakdown!

The line of hearts was just me sketching.
The Jar of hearts is because I was singing 'Jar of Hearts' as I was sitting there!
My Great-Gran is ill in hospital, and I was thinking and praying about that.
I was thinking about a picture I'm drawing for the Iori.
I was thinking about a poem I wrote, called 'Why'.
I was brainstorming for a book I'm planning, called 'Elthan's World'.
I was wondering about sketching, and how different people do it.
I was thinking about FGM, and how it can be avoided, and stopped forever.
And finally, I doodled a little, because it is something I enjoy.

That was all in the space of about 7 minutes - the main part of my thought process for that time...


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